The Luna family has got to be one of THE sweetest families I have ever met. They are expecting their third child and this mama is absolutely glowing. It was such a pleasure photographing them and their little ones remind me so much of my little guys (It's near impossible to keep them out of the water) so cute! Gotta love those California beach babies! We were blessed with amazing weather, you would hardly guess it's almost December.

Pam Adkisson
11/24/2013 10:48pm

Perfect!! <3 Gorgeous!!! :D

11/25/2013 8:36am

Thank you SO much Pam! :)) They are a beautiful family, it was a blast!

aunt Blanca
11/25/2013 8:02pm

My gosh I can't believe how fast the kids have grown. These pictures r absolutely beautiful. How blessed you & Kathryn are to have found each other and then to have created such a lovely family. May the Lord continue to bless u forever. U deserve it! Love u very much.

Nani Gina
11/29/2013 8:26am

My Luna family. Such beautiful pics. Love u all


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