Kalei's 4th Birthday Cake

I knew I wanted to "attempt" to make a special cake for my little lady's fourth beach birthday party this year and after browsing through tons of pinterest pics and gathering ideas this is what I came up with. I was tired of spending 100's of dollars on cakes and there's just something so sentimental to me about the fact that it's homemade. Yes, I know, it's silly... but I hope many years from now my daughter will look back and think it was special that her mommy MADE her fourth birthday cake just for her! I am clearly NOT a professional baker but we gave it a good go and although it was a bit tedious I think simple enough for anyone to pull off, I'm sure with much better results than mine :)
After my daughter and I baked her cake (using her favorite FUNFETTI cake mix) we let it cool, stacked the two layers and began to prep our fondant. I purchased a 5 lb container of Decopac satin ice rolled fondant from my local bakery. This was the only size they had but you could get away with MUCH less... I used a fraction of the container for this project.
For those of you who have never worked with fondant before... like myself, the key is flour and LOTS of it. (great tip from a baker friend of mine whom I consulted before taking this on). I started by taking a clump of the fondant and adding a few drops of blue food dye until I had gotten a blue I was happy with. *Note- I used the thick fondant dye and a little of this stuff goes a long way. Start by making your darkest color first. Once you have gotten the color where you want it you simply roll out the fondant like dough and proceed to cut your desired shapes. I used a plastic fondant roller which I purchased at walmart along with a cupcake corer since it was $2 and punched out round circles in just the size I was looking for. A cookie cutter, shot glass or any other round object between 1-2 inches would work just as well. Once your cake has cooled frost it with normal cream cheese or butter cream frosting and use that as the glue that will hold your fondant together. Simply layer the fondant circles starting from the bottom up creating a shingled look. Once you have completed your bottom, darkest layer start the dying and cutting process over again but each layer adding less food coloring to create the hombre look.

*Side Note- the fondant dries up quickly so don't cut it until you are ready to work with it. If you have to step away from your project put the remaining fondant in an air tight container until you are ready to work with it. I made this cake two days in advance and it held up beautifully. The fondant sealed in the moisture of the cake as well. Just be sure you store it in a cake container like I did or with saran wrap covering to keep it from drying up.

Good Luck!

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All in all I would say the project was a success. My daughter seemed pretty pleased and told me it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Swoon.... mission accomplished!
I also made some pirate cupcakes to match for my son who's birthday we celebrated at the same time during a co-ed beach bash.

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